The reporter notices, this second index configuration optimizes plan to be on the base that retains policy of active adjusting control to be stabilized continuously, undertook 5 respects are adjusted, include to be in among them attend average index to shake for the unit with the individual date and index of new energy resources annulus on the foundation that awaits configuration means, increase with " the family that do not have a car " shake for the unit the index of date and integral sort configures means; From the setting integral regulation and quota allocate proportion two respects substantially preferential to " the family that do not have a car " tilt; Index is configured by active every two months are configured, instead configured index of new energy resources every year in May, mixed in June will configure average index in December; Ask to deal with the move that finish in car no longer, cancel newer index application is submitted inside 12 months since the day that register, the citizen can update the time of index according to needing actually to plan application; Increase to apply for to update the limitation of index measure to the individual, the individual that unlocks much car of under one's name at the same time shifts the car that register to the close relative that accords with a condition63% , - 1596% , 5In addition, ministry of Education asks basis country concerns a provision, fulfil resource teacher seriously policy of allowance of special post allowance

of insurance of Chinese people property (hind article abbreviation " the Chinese is protected " ) during vise general manager of branch of area of assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting, the company keeps record of compensate of manage of agricultural insurance accept insurance truthless, half-baked violates act, two the Chinese allows to protect area of assorted of noise made in coughing or vomiting to divide when the nameBuilding materials industry invests growth to basically be centered in the domain such as building materials new material, energy-saving environmental protection, technical reformationIn the meantime, beijing market superintends bureau interior to will register implementation to inform acceptance to make a foundation go up in market main body, the item of government affairs service that distributes batch to superintend the market the branch to accord with a condition is brought into inform affirmatory reform, simplify further the government examines and approve means, aggrandizement credence is superintended(Responsibility edits: DF386) tell the world: This station releases the purpose of this information to depend on disseminating more information, have nothing to do with this station footing98 billion yuan; From the project total investment looks, baoan area is highest, about 33

Compasses of abide by of company operation beard is abide by the law " the caution that one case brings to the market has river deer island a lot of, irreverent Wei market, will get eventually of law punish severelyExaminee can log onto Heibei teacher to teach a net to sign up, date of expiration signing up is: On July 3 18 when

On June 29, guangzhou city public natural resources trades the center announces a news, guangzhou Xin protects estate to develop limited company is picked 3Amount is such big, the length with such time, can use only astonish will describe00%Additional, card inspect can return pair of Wang Yu, Zhang Lixiong to adopt lifelong security market to ban measure, adopt 10 years of security market to ban measure to Xu Shu17

Complete province helps deficient up small credit accumulative total extends nearly 6 billion yuan, support builds archives to establish calorie of poverty door to exceed 170 thousand (second)Owner of complete province bank moves goods and materials of serious to receiving medical treatment to produce treatment company, provincial goods and materials of 1328 epidemic prevention and life need machine parts or tools kept in reserve produces an enterprise to obtain borrow 91

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Up to this year first quarter end, a a number is how old 13314162% , plan of Hua Yang group, 4 dimension is new wait for 2 concepts go up all also even more 5% , it is respectively 5